Because I hate spamming my blog with my personal life, I’ll give you a little idea what I’m doing with my life.


Porcelain Doll.

– The story of Simone Robinson, who after a chilling, supernatural encounter realizes just how fragile humanity is.

The Crows

– Asher left seven years. Upon his return he finds the one who made him what he is dying. He’ll have to sacrifice what’s left of his own humanity to save her, or allow them all to die.


– Gabriel is mentally unstable at best, a serial killer at worst. His life is muddled between the present, the past and things that have never existed. Desperate for somewhere to belong, he risks not only himself but those around him.

Like Clockwork – Book One

– Raid fled to Wormwood years ago and has found somewhere she belongs. Unfortunately, a murderer and a rebel group are trying to ruin the place she knows and loves. It’s either stay out of it and watch her world crumble, or get involved – and risk being discovered for the secrets she knows.

Video Projects

The Flipbook Project

– A ‘flipbook’ of around my college campus, set to music.

Music Covers

– Various acapella music covers (just for fun, probably won’t ever go public)


– A ‘music video’ type thing for the series The Andersen Journals. (ex: Marble Hornets Video)

Other Projects:

30 Days of Limited Internet

– For the month of September I’ve set myself a challenge.

– I won’t be accessing Facebook, save to update a page I admin. No tumblr. No twitter.

– It’s hard, guys. I’ll even admit I’ve cheated a few times, or found loopholes.

– The point: I’m supposed to be writing more, and focusing on my school work. Seems to be working. Ish. This week I’m working on cutting myself off even more.


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