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The Writing Process

Stories begin with an idea. Where one comes up with that idea varies person to person. Mine usually come from tidbits of overheard conversation, snatches of songs or various things I witness. Sometimes I have dreams where small scenes will … Continue reading

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Protagonist vs. Antagonist

Did anyone else see the irony that during ‘Be Prepared’ Scar assures the Hyenas that they will ‘Never go hungry again!’ and that is exactly what happened? He bases his entire reign on this one thing, or at least where … Continue reading

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Oh So Personal

not pictured: my bedroom Hey everybody, I’ve been doing mostly ‘article’ type blog entries, so for today while I’ve got a bit of free time I thought I’d make it a bit more – gasp – personal. My name, of … Continue reading

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Musical Muse

What do you listen to while you write? Are you a sound track kind of fellow? Or do you rock it oldie style? Does what your writing change your music preference, or is it strictly your own mood thing? For … Continue reading

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Dearest Writers:

I’ve got some stuff for ya.   As I’m mostly a writer, most of what I post here will at least be slightly writing related. Whether I’m shamelessly self-promoting my own things, sharing articles I’ve found, or even some humorous … Continue reading

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