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A Guide to Roleplaying

note: The following, while slightly informative, is more of a enraged blog of personal … rage. Language warning. For those of you who dabble among the internet may have stumbled upon a group or a person who proclaim themselves to … Continue reading

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The Writing Process

Stories begin with an idea. Where one comes up with that idea varies person to person. Mine usually come from tidbits of overheard conversation, snatches of songs or various things I witness. Sometimes I have dreams where small scenes will … Continue reading

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pictured above: The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, taken by Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1936 The reality of an afterlife is one of the most debated topics among a list of considerably less interesting topics … Continue reading

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photo by the lovely WiseKumagoro You can’t write a story without a character. Or you can, but it probably wouldn’t be very interesting. Throughout the course of a story – be it fiction or nonfiction – the reader gets to … Continue reading

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Literature vs. Art

Today I had my first official Literature of the Western World class. Our professor asked us, in groups of three, to come up with our own definition of literature. My own group quickly came up with something along the following … Continue reading

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  Allo world. You can call me Alyss. I’m here to post reviews on things I’ve enjoyed (or haven’t) and introduce you to my world within the internet. At the moment, I haven’t much to share. But I’m sure that’ll … Continue reading

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