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My Plan to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

pictured above: your demise. Note: The sound cuts off because your dead. Think about it. ._____.   In other news. The Zombie Apocalypse. If it happens, where are you most likely to be? At my current moment, I’m most likely … Continue reading

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Protagonist vs. Antagonist

Did anyone else see the irony that during ‘Be Prepared’ Scar assures the Hyenas that they will ‘Never go hungry again!’ and that is exactly what happened? He bases his entire reign on this one thing, or at least where … Continue reading

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Oh So Personal

not pictured: my bedroom Hey everybody, I’ve been doing mostly ‘article’ type blog entries, so for today while I’ve got a bit of free time I thought I’d make it a bit more – gasp – personal. My name, of … Continue reading

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