A Guide to Roleplaying


note: The following, while slightly informative, is more of a enraged blog of personal … rage. Language warning.

For those of you who dabble among the internet may have stumbled upon a group or a person who proclaim themselves to be ‘roleplayers’.

What is a roleplayer?

There are many kinds of roleplayers among the world, from live-action to text-based. This entry I’ll be addressing text-based roleplayers.

Roleplaying is similar to writing a story, either in a ‘one vs one’ scenario or in a group, depending on the plot. Settings and plots are usually at least created in a basic format beforehand, and characters belong solely to their own – meaning you can’t control anyone’s character but your own (going against this is called ‘power-playing). The characters interact and a story unfolds.

I’m speaking from experience here folks. I’m not judging anyone, I’m just stating what I see a lot of. And I mean a lot. I see bad grammar, ill thought-out ‘cool’ characters, vague settings and cliche plots. Many just want ‘romance’ scenarios, especially in the chat based areas. (Guys, seriously, just go to omegle for that stuff. Short, quick ‘romance’.)

I would LOVE to find a long-term roleplay partner, someone I could just roleplay with in a well-done setting, with characters that I can really connect to. If I don’t know anything about your character, you can sure as hell know my character won’t be able to react to it.

Is it so hard to throw in details? You might think it sounds boring, but it makes the whole thing come alive. Who wants to roleplay in a black and white, mary sue world? Or worse yet, a sheet of paper? Because if you don’t include the details, no one has any idea what is going on. You might think you’re in a mountain town, but guess what, because you didn’t include details your partner just moved you to sunny Florida.

Characters. Yes, I know, your character is just dreamy, perfect, full of amazing super powers and everyone should fall in love with them. Well guess what, sparky, I think that’s boring as shit. I don’t want to just ‘fall in love’ with your character. I want to know them. What makes them laugh, what upsets them, where are they from? And so help you if you hand me a character sheet and say ‘it’s all in there just pretend your character already knows’.

So help you.

Plots. If I see one more ‘my character is a vampire and your character is a hunter sent to kill me but then they fall in love’. Give me one god damn reason why my crazy psychopathic, revengeful son of a bitch would want to fall in love with your dumb spoiled rotten all-powerful vampire. Please. Do. Be original guys! Or better yet, create a setting, create characters you KNOW will clash, and see what happens!


Guys, really. If you just want to full-fill your fan fiction you’re too lazy to write alone, then don’t bother.


About marlesque

Horror/suspense writer. Student of Dramatic Arts, 2nd year.
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