pictured above: The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, taken by Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1936

The reality of an afterlife is one of the most debated topics among a list of considerably less interesting topics discussed among many. (The others being politics, religion and the weather) Does it exist, or doesn’t it? And if there is, why do some choose to remain behind – that is, assuming ghosts do exist. What keeps them here? Unfinished business? Some wonder if it is a punishment. Perhaps even more curious are the existence of so-called ghost trains, ships and animals.

Some ghosts are believed to be the remnants of a disturbed spirit, someone who died a particularly tragic death. Or violent. People love to tell tales of malevolent spirits living in their basement, protecting gates to the other side. Ghost Adventures, a show hosted on the Travel channel, began after the documentors (this isn’t a word what) discovered malevolent spirits in the Goldfield Hotel at Goldfield, Nevada. After witnessing a brick being picked up and thrown across the room – not the first hostile move by ghosts in the area – the group hightailed it out of the hotel, using a fire escape to get out.

Ghosts and spirits have appeared in stories almost as long as we’ve been writing them, both in fiction and non-fiction. Many of my friends are extremely nervous, refusing to even be in the room with a Ouija board or other spiritual object. Ouija boards are used by both amateurs and professionals in an attempt to contact the dead. There are even bizarre, disturbing games online of a flash Ouija board where you answer questions in an attempt to contact a generated ‘ghost’. After a point, depending on what you ask or say, the ghost will cut contact and the game will ask you to play again.

I think everyone has some ‘weird’ occurrence from their life where they witnessed some bizarre event they couldn’t explain. Over time, I’ve noticed a few strange things. One was a place of inexplicably cold air in front of a seal crypt. Not like a draft – just cold. Other times I’ve heard bizarre sounds, or had the sensation of being followed. But then, I’ve already admitted I’m extremely paranoid. But I have had one extremely disturbing experience, that at the time merely amused me. I was in elementary school, visiting a friend for the weekend. She’d already told me her house had ‘ghosts’ living in it, even going to far to prank me with eerie voices over the phone. But nothing out of her twelve year old little head could explain what happened while I was there.

Her mother was expecting a second daughter, and a room had already been arranged. It was a windowless room, the only light coming from the open doorway. I frequently stopped at this room, curious by the weird shadows I’d scene. On one occasion, I witnessed the shadow of a cat seated on the arm of a chair. As if startled, it shot up the back of the chair and disappeared. The adjoining hallway had no windows, and the only cats belonging to the household were outside. Another time I witnessed what seemed to be the shadow of a man seated in the chair. Understand neither of these were the ‘ghostly shells’ some claim to see, they had no real features. They were shadows, like my own on the ground. Spooked, I left the scene. Later my friend told me she had named him Nicholas, and he was frequently seen sitting in the room.

Have you had any ghostly encounters? Orbs in photographs, strange shadows or voices – or even a full-fledged apparition? Do you believe in ghosts and why? If not, why?

Whether you’re a fan of Matthew Gray Gubler or not, check out this disturbing tale.

Curious to find out what might be haunted in your area? This is a list, by state, of haunted locations.

Check out this REAL LIFE GHOST caught on video:

I’ll fix the links later, lovelies. Have a nice day.

– Alyss


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