Oh So Personal

not pictured: my bedroom
Hey everybody,

I’ve been doing mostly ‘article’ type blog entries, so for today while I’ve got a bit of free time I thought I’d make it a bit more – gasp – personal. My name, of course, is not Alyss Flynn, but for the sake of anonymous blog to rant on I chose a pen name. Whether I’ll be publishing any of my work under that name remains to be seen. I am a writer, mostly short stories and flash fiction as of late, but I’ve got several novels sitting around. I’ll give you some vague summaries – thieves, good luck getting anywhere with this … vagueness.

Porcelain Doll.

A modern-day tale of Simone Robinson, a high school student in Racine, Wisconsin. When strange circumstances make her the target of a sadistic, narcissistic vampire, she quickly realizes that humans aren’t the top of the food chain, and just how fragile she really is.


Insomnia follows the story of Gabriel Adams, a disturbed youth involved in multiple murders and various crimes who stumbles upon a strange scenario in the street. Maybe, for once, he’ll find somewhere he can remain.

The Ravens

Asher has been frozen in time since he fell from a cliff in 16th century Russia. Seven years ago, he ran away from what he now calls home. Now, he’s back, only to discover the one who made him what he is to by dying. Asher will have to sacrifice what humanity he has left to keep himself alive – but is it worth it?

Like Clockwork

title subject to change, book 1 in a trilogy.

Raid fled underground to Wormwood years ago, and hasn’t left since, creating clockwork replacements for those who need them. But between a rebel society and a murderer in the labyrinth beneath Al’Katiel, Wormwood is no longer the safe haven she’s known and loved.


These are the novels nearest and dearest to my heart, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few more projects on the back burner. Along with these, I write short stories – as stated above. Usually these focus on horrific circumstances, nightmares, suspenseful situations … you get the idea. You can read many of my rough drafts on my deviantart.


I’m a college student in southern Tennessee, where I’m working on my degree in Dramatics. I participate in school productions, and have taken a film class. I’m currently enrolled in a course of creative writing for the fall, so I’m hoping to get something useful out of that. Music, although one of my hobbies, isn’t something I’m inclined to as a job. I enjoy singing, but mostly just listen – there is almost always music on.

Top Five Bands

Family Force Five


Fever Ray

Jack Johnson

Thousand Foot Krutch

But I have … at current … 61 hours worth of music. So don’t think I’m that limited, guys.


Well, if you want to know anything else, let me know, I’ll be happy to oblige in most cases.

I leave you all with this:

Loogal Mcdoogal – produced by some guys on my campus.

Andersen Journals – the spoof of an eerie series performed as a sort of Alternate Reality. The guys behind it are amazing, hilarious people, and due to such they created a spoof movie trailer. If you like the trailer, go check out the actual series, which is much more serious and frankly terrifying. Check it out.





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Horror/suspense writer. Student of Dramatic Arts, 2nd year.
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