Dearest Writers:

I’ve got some stuff for ya.


As I’m mostly a writer, most of what I post here will at least be slightly writing related. Whether I’m shamelessly self-promoting my own things, sharing articles I’ve found, or even some humorous writer comics, it’s going to be here. So, I hope you enjoy. If you found any of this useful, or have something you want to share, please let me know.


Today, I’ve got some articles for you.


If you’re like me, outlining just looks like one big pain in the ass. You don’t know how to do it, you don’t know what to put in it, and frankly, you’re not even sure what it is for. I’ll tell you what it’s for: Your benefit. Sure, you can write the first draft. But the second time around, when you’re looking for those plot holes, or checking details, you don’t want to sit there and destroy your computer – or notebook – trying to find the name of the antagonist’s deranged mother. So, you make an outline. You’ll need key plot points, summaries, characters involved, important items acquired – or hell, your character might have chipped a tooth – and it needs to be in here.

This article just might help with the more important bits. Simple Novel Outline Guide


In writing, we always want to know what not to do. For me, one of my major problems is using ‘was’, instead of something else. I’m lazy. I don’t want to search my vocabulary for something more interesting, more … explanatory. Nope. “I was mortified.” “I felt mortified.” See how easy that was? Stop being lazy.

And read these articles.

Five Weak Words

11 Mistakes


I have more articles for you, but I don’t want to post everything in one blog post. So follow me, people. Get up on this, and hopefully I’ll keep you interested. I’ll try to supply you guys with some writing tips/articles/bullshit at least once a week.


Thanks for reading, I hope something here was helpful.

– Alyss


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2 Responses to Dearest Writers:

  1. Até says:

    I’ve made at least 2 of those 11 mistakes =(

  2. Interesting post. Thank you!

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