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photo by the lovely WiseKumagoro You can’t write a story without a character. Or you can, but it probably wouldn’t be very interesting. Throughout the course of a story – be it fiction or nonfiction – the reader gets to … Continue reading

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Literature vs. Art

Today I had my first official Literature of the Western World class. Our professor asked us, in groups of three, to come up with our own definition of literature. My own group quickly came up with something along the following … Continue reading

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Fear. Everyone is scared of something, and most of us don’t know why. It is ingrained in to our brain, and most of the time it is completely irrational. They say fear is learned – but no one pointed at … Continue reading

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Musical Muse

What do you listen to while you write? Are you a sound track kind of fellow? Or do you rock it oldie style? Does what your writing change your music preference, or is it strictly your own mood thing? For … Continue reading

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Dearest Writers:

I’ve got some stuff for ya.   As I’m mostly a writer, most of what I post here will at least be slightly writing related. Whether I’m shamelessly self-promoting my own things, sharing articles I’ve found, or even some humorous … Continue reading

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  Allo world. You can call me Alyss. I’m here to post reviews on things I’ve enjoyed (or haven’t) and introduce you to my world within the internet. At the moment, I haven’t much to share. But I’m sure that’ll … Continue reading

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